‘Afghan bombs: Eight dead at Kandahar dog fight’

Posted on February 27, 2011


Today (27th February), an item was posted on the BBC news web-site titled ‘Afghan bombs: Eight dead at Kandahar dog fight’.

‘… Eight people have been killed by two bombs at a dog fight in the volatile southern Afghan province of Kandahar.

The blasts on Sunday occurred in Arghandab district, on the outskirts of Kandahar city, a police spokesman said. Five policemen were injured …

No group has yet said it carried out the attack, but the Taliban regularly target large public gatherings.

Dog-fighting competitions, which were banned under the Taleban regime, are a popular pastime in Afghanistan …

On Saturday, a suicide bomber blew himself up at a buzkashi match in northern Afghanistan, killing at least three people. Buzkashi is a precursor of the modern game of polo, played with the body of a headless goat which is filled with sand …’

Read the item at www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-12590141


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