‘Vegan resistance’

Posted on February 27, 2011


Yesterday (26th February), an item was posted on the Negotiation is Over web-site, titled ‘Vegan resistance’. This item presents criticism of vegans who do not take action, from within the Animal Rights movement; whereas vegans are critical of those AR activists or compassionate campaigners who aren’t even vegan…

‘… The Mainstream Vegan Community is Incapable of Resistance

A lot of activists are beginning to understand that if we wait for vegans to mobilize themselves to act, we will remain catatonic. This community is largely composed of privileged whites who are far too comfortable to understand or concern themselves with the world outside their ivory walls. While the animals are dying, they impress one another with intellectual debates about inconsequential minutia[e]. I hope the animals are as impressed as I am by the big words they use. Only a vegan who has never experienced exploitation, oppression or violence is content to debate theories about animal liberation while the animals keep dying. It’s an enjoyable pastime. Only an insulated vegan who has never gone hungry a day in their lives, can be pretentious enough to chastise impoverished peoples for subsistence hunting from the sanctity of their four-bedroom home while the animals keep dying. Elitist vegans – lily white, dark black, or any shade in between — know nothing about fighting to survive. Yet they pretend to be warring for radical change online from their recliners. Do they even understand why we’re all here? …’

Read the item at http://negotiationisover.com/2011/02/building-our-own-resistance-culture/

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