breast milk ice cream and the horrors of the dairy industry

Posted on February 28, 2011


Today (28th February), an item was posted on titled ‘Why is breast milk ice-cream repulsive?’.

‘… Eww! Ice-cream made out of breast milk! Gross! There’s a good chance that was your first reaction to reading about the Baby Gaga ice-cream being served by the magnificently trend-baiting Icecreamists parlour in Covent Garden …

But there’s a deep hypocrisy in this revulsion …

In the crowded field of farm-animals-I’d-least-like-to-be, industrially reared dairy cattle have a strong case for the number one slot. Food campaigner Elisabeth Winkler of the Real Food Lover blog says that “the way cows are currently treated is far more shocking”. They calve early to start lactation, have their young removed from them, are treated with hormones to promote milk production and are hooked up to milking machines to extract the contents of their swollen udders …’

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