new book ‘Nine steps to Eden’ published

Posted on June 26, 2011


This evening (26th June), Richard Deboo Tweeted on his book ‘Nine steps to Eden – the humane route to paradise’ (published June 2011).

Richard says: ‘… “Nine steps to Eden” … brings together my thoughts and ethical philosophy on animal exploitation. It is a book that asks us to reconsider the way that we regard non-human animals with particular reference to the animals who are abused and killed on our farms and in our slaughterhouses. It is a polemic, and one I hope that fits well in the tradition of such greats as William Lloyd Garrison, Mary Wolstonecraft and Tom Paine …

“Nine Steps To Eden” demands an end to the livestock industry. No more meat. No more dairy. This is not only easy to imagine, it is easy to achieve. We just need to make different choices about the foods that we eat. This is a book that asks us, through nine simple thoughts, to reject “the meat delusion” – the lie that says that it is okay for us to kill trillions of animals every year with extreme violence, and in our desire for animal flesh plunder the world’s seas and oceans, rainforests and savannahs, and ruin our health and bodies as we eat the bodies of those we have killed. This book is about our attitude towards animals on our farms and slaughterhouses. As such, it is about violence and cruelty and brutality and killing. It is about why none of that needs to happen anymore. “Nine Steps To Eden” asks us to think again. To think again about how we regard those other lives with whom we share this world …’


The book is available to buy from Amazon and other Internet bookstores, in paperbook format for just £7.99.  The e-book version will be available shortly.

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