some vegan recipes for St Patrick’s Day: 17th March

Posted on March 16, 2012


Today (16th March), various vegan recipes have been posted online for St Patrick’s Day, which is tomorrow, the 17th March …

‘CRAVE-ABLE RECIPE ROUND-UP – Vegan St. Patrick’s Day’ was posted today on the Chic Vegan web-site, with links to five vegan recipes:
* gluten-free soda bread at
* vegan colcannon at
* purple cabbage stir-fry at
* home-made vegan Bailey’s Irish cream at
* mint chocolate chip ice cream at

Today, links to 18 vegan recipes were posted on; these are not very Irish but they are all very green …
These include:
* coconut shamrock shake
* Spring green salad
* lasagne verde
* mint chocolate-frosted cupcakes
* green juice
* mint cucumber tea sandwiches
* green pesto pizza
* asparagus dip
* minty cocoa
– all via links at

A recipe for corned seitan and cabbage recipe was posted today for St Patrick’s Day at


PeTA posted some vegan ‘St Patrick’s Day menu ideas’ via links at, including:
* ‘steak’ and stout pie
* Irish brown bread
* chocolate-stout cupcakes

There are five more vegan recipes for St Patrick’s Day on
* shepherd’s pie
* colcannon
* Irish stew
* Dublin coddle with vegan Irish sausage
* wholewheat soda bread
– all recipes via


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