Birmingham: national march and rally for animals in laboratories

Posted on April 29, 2012


Today (29th April), a news item was posted on titled ‘World Day’, about the 2012 World Day march and rally for animals in laboratories held yesterday in Birmingham.

‘… Today[yesterday] in Birmingham, thousands of animal rights protesters (including groups from both Derby and Nottingham) gathered to march as part of World Day for Animals In Laboratories.

On average every 8 seconds an animal is killed in a UK vivisection laboratory, some having been put through about as much suffering as it is possible to put a feeling creature through.

If you think this is an exaggeration, consider that according to home office statistics 60% of all laboratory procedures are carried out with NO ANAESTHETIC WHATSOEVER..

As a result of high profile actions like the Birmingham march, the public is beginning to suspect the harrowing extent of the vivisection industry and ever more ordinary people are asking the question: how necessary is animal research?

Tellingly, the animal rights lobby has consistently demanded an independent judicial enquiry into the SCIENTIFIC VALIDITY of animal experiments, whereas the pro-vivisection lobby campaign to prevent such an inquiry.

It is also worth noting that 98% of human diseases cannot be reproduced in laboratory animals, and that NO SCIENTIFIC QUALIFICATIONS are required to work as a vivisector.

Unfortunately there is a significant economic incentive for drug companies to avoid the risk of prosecution for adverse drug reactions by sacrificing dogs, rats, monkeys, cats, etc. in barbaric experiments, rather than investing in tissue culture, in-vitro testing, microdosing, computer modelling and a whole raft of other alternative technologies that have been shown to be more reliable at predicting human physiological responses.

In the modern marketplace of the vivisectors and faceless pharmaceutical corporations, life is tragically cheap …’

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