Animal Aid: the animal-testing industry and denial

Posted on April 30, 2012


Today (30th April), Animal Aid posted an item on the home page of their web-site titled ‘Denial and animal experiments’.

‘… Among the speakers at Saturday’s World Day for Animals in Laboratories [WDAIL] rally and march in Birmingham was Animal Aid’s Scientific Consultant Dr Adrian Stallwood. The theme of his address was the state of denial in which those engaged in animal experiments function. They deny that animals suffer or that their victims have any moral worth. They condemn and seek to criminalise those who expose their cruel activities, and they use jargon and euphemism to deflect attention from the truth of what they do. Adrian explained why plain speaking by opponents of vivisection is an essential prelude to meaningful change. Saturday’s speech was drawn from a longer article exploring these themes …’

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Read the text of the speech given at the WDAIL march and rally by Dr Stallwood at and view video of him giving the speech at

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