Colchester: launch of veggie/vegan food stall!

Posted on August 15, 2012


Today (15th August), Jen of ps it’s vegan wrote a report on the launch of a new veggie/vegan food stall in the market in Colchester.

‘…  Saturday 11th August saw the launch of Colchester’s new veggie/vegan market stall “the Treehouse”.

The stall was publicised widely on Facebook and Twitter, and this is where the majority of customers said they heard about it. (There are obviously a lot of hungry veggies and vegans in Colchester!)

The stall sold grilled aubergine in pitta with tahini sauce, veggie samosas, roast vegetable couscous and superfood salad, as well as vegan cupcakes and cookies by local vegan bakery ps it’s vegan.

The aubergine pitta and the samosas were best-sellers, and all of the cakes and cookies sold out by 2pm!

If the market stall continues to be a success then the Treehouse team hope to move into a more permanent space, where they can run workshops, provide meeting space for local community and campaign groups, give free IT and language lessons and, of course, serve excellent veggie and vegan food!

The stall is back on Saturday 18th August, and will be situated on Long Wyre Street, near Poundland.

You can follow the Treehouse on Facebook at and on Twitter at you can contact them by emailing …’


Congratulations and good luck to the Treehouse!

[Many thanks to Jen for writing the report and for supplying the image of the Treehouse stall and team. Jen runs ps it’s vegan and also the Vegan Colchester project – go to and ]



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