fab. vegan recipe of the day: ‘Steamed tofu in beer broth, with pickled chillies and spring onions’

Posted on August 24, 2012


Today (24th August), an item was posted on the messyvegetariancook web-site titled ‘Soft tofu as centrepiece, not just an ingredient’, which includes a fab. vegan recipe for ‘Steamed tofu in beer broth, with pickled chillies and spring onions’.

‘… in many parts of East Asia, silken bean curd is enjoyed with little more than a few fresh ingredients to complement the texture and refreshing nature of this undervalued ingredient.

Sometimes served cold, sometimes steamed, this simple recipe focuses on the latter (though could be served cold in summer), is quick to throw together, and tasty to boot. Don’t let an irrational fear of  fermented tofu get in your way of trying this. Yeah, it stinks and will try its hardest to put you off, but don’t be dissuaded. If there’s any sauce leftover, try using it in a stir fry or on steamed veg (especially broccoli).

This can be topped with any number of, um, toppings. Pickled stuff, fresh herbs (I used a few leaves of mint and Thai basil here), crispy fried shallots and/or garlic, salad-y stuff… You get the idea …’

Read the item and recipe, view images, and add your comment online at www.messyvegetariancook.com/2012/08/24/soft-tofu-as-centrepiece-not-just-an-ingredient/


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