‘Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson vows to keep on fighting against whalers and poachers’

Posted on August 30, 2012


Today (30th August), an item was posted on THE VOICE OF RUSSIA web-site titled ‘Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson vows to keep on fighting against whalers and poachers’.

‘… Radical ecologist, founder and president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Captain Paul Watson, made an online statement Tuesday, claiming his innocence on charges of being an ocean marauder who’ll do everything to stop whaling.

“After 35 years of intervening against illegal whalers, sealers and dolphin killers, we have always done so within the boundaries of the law and have not caused a single injury to any of them nor have we caused any damage to their ships”, Watson wrote.

Japan and Costa Rica want Watson for endangered a fishing vessel’s crew 10 years ago in Guatemalan waters but he denies the charges: “the tsunami funds have been used to find strategies to defeat us and one of them was to track down a decade-old incident off Guatemala where we had intervened against an illegal Costa Rican shark-finning operation with permission of the Guatemalan government,” the Captain explains. “The charges had been dismissed back then but with a little persuasion from Japan, Costa Rica decided to resurrect the incident with a charge that we had sprayed water onto the shark-finning boat causing them to lose control and to collide with my ship. Even so there were no injuries and their vessel was not damaged”.

When Watson landed in Germany on May 13th, the Germans made an attempt to detain him but he escaped.

The ecologist said that he “doesn’t believe that either country would give him a fair and impartial trial and even if acquitted by a Costa Rican court, they would then turn him over to Japan”, which means that “he will not be in a direct command position to intervene against the Japanese whale poachers in Antarctic waters.”

Watson also said that he is “in a place where he cannot be touched by the Interpol “red” notice”, adding that his legal team is working on “exposing the local warrants from Costa Rica and Japan as being politically motivated”.

He thanked all his supporters and concluded “that no matter what the obstacles or how impossible the mission, we will not back down for the one most basic of truths is this: if the oceans die, we die!” …’

Read the item and add your comment online at http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_08_30/Sea-Shepherd-s-Paul-Watson-vows-to-keep-on-fighting-against-whalers-and-poachers/

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