US: protest against animal testing industry

Posted on September 9, 2012


Today (9th September), a news item was posted on the Shut Down HLS web-site titled ‘Beckman Coulter demo. report: September 4th, 2012’, about a demo. in California in the US.

‘… On September 4th, activists hit the streets once again to demand that Beckman Coulter end their relationship with Huntingdon Life Sciences. For several months Beckman Coulter has not had to deal with the sounds of megaphones and compassionate activists at their offices. Those days have come to an end.

The protest got started at 11am. Activists holding signs and wielding megaphones marched around Beckman Coulter’s property shouting through megaphones and showing the employees the images of mutilated animals that Beckman Coulter profits off. Many of the employees put their heads down in shame, and some took pictures and looked at the images in horror.

As usual, Beckman Coulter’s creepy goons were there to record the demo and take pictures of activists. Intimidation tactics used by corporations the world over …

At the end of the protest activists shouted “We’ll be back and we always win!” through the megaphones to remind Beckman Coulter that no amount of repression will keep compassionate individuals from speaking out for the animals that are imprisoned inside of Huntingdon …’

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