‘Sea Shepherd’s “zero compromise”‘

Posted on September 10, 2012


Today (10th September), an item was posted on the Voice of Russia radio web-site titled ‘Sea Shepherd’s “zero compromise”‘.

‘… This December, companions of fugitive captain Paul Watson from the radical international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization Sea Shepherd will start from Australia their new whale’s salvation mission. Australian director of Sea Shepherd Jeff Hansen shared some details of their upcoming campaign “Zero Compromise” in an exclusive interview to the Voice of Russia.

The head of Sea Shepherd captain Paul Watson after escaping from the house arrest in Germany earlier this summer still hides in an undisclosed location, but keeps inspiring his followers. Thus the members of his team keep on preparing for their new “Zero Compromise” campaign aimed to save whales starting early December.

“This will be Sea Shepherd’s ninth Antarctic wild defense campaign, so the Japanese whaling fleet will be targeting basically endangered species inside an established whale sanctuary. They are in violation of an Australian federal court ruling. They will be targeting over 1,000 whales comprising of Minke whales, endangered Fin whales and Humpback whales. So this will be Sea Shepherd’s ninth Antarctic campaign and we will be leaving Australia with four vessels this year to stop them and one helicopter onboard the Steve Irwin vessel which is our flagship and all our communications. We are hoping to intercept them well before they get into the Whale sanctuary this year, before they even get anywhere near their first whale they kill. The campaign is called ‘Operation Zero Compromise’ and that we don’t compromise whatsoever with these illegal poachers of the Japanese whaling fleet. And we are going for zero kill quota so we want to see no whales killed this year.”

Last year Sea Shepherd saved 700 whales from Japanese hunters and the year before they protected 800 whales. Guardians of the ocean as they call themselves thank their supporters among world known stars for their popularity and financial sources.

“Generally the celebrities get involved by using their profile to come to some of our events and fundraisers and that way it draws the media and also other people want to come to our event so they pretty much lead their name and support and even contacts so they can help.”

Among pro-Watson celebrities who donate to Sea Shepherd are Bob Barker, Steve Irwin, Brigitte Bardot and Sam Simon.

“Sam Simon is [one of] the writers of the Simpsons; he put his hand up for us to buy another ship. So we are hoping that our fourth ship this year will be the Sam Simon. And obviously he will be welcomed to be part of the Antarctic campaign, if that is something he would like to do, but in honor of him we will be having our fourth ship named after him, the Sam Simon.We’ve also had Peirce Brosnan and also Martin Sheen come on the Canadian campaign as well. We had Darrell Hannon come on the Antarctic campaign and Michelle Rodriguez …” …

Jeff Hansen assures that everybody is welcomed to participate in Sea Shepherds’ actions. The crew of fighters against whale’s killers has already members from all around the world.

“So this year will be a crew of a hundred from all over the world and the majority of this crew will be volunteers, couple of paid positions on each ship but most of the crew are volunteers from all over the world, including a Japanese crew that come down as well. So, last year we had representation from India and Canada, South Africa, Ghana, and Australia of course, New Zealand, United States, UK, Sweden, Norway, so yea we got lots of representation there, it’s great to see those international volunteers that make their own way to the ship and what that does, it just enables their message and their voice about the importance that our oceans play to us, to go all over the world with the international media to pick up those stories.”

In the interview to the Voice of Russia, Jeff Hansen has noted that their international crew still doesn’t have any volunteers from Russia. And underlined that Sea Shepherd is opened up to volunteers and invites new members to join the Antarctic campaign that will take place from December till March …’

Read the item in full and add your comment online at http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_09_10/Sea-Shepherd-s-zero-compromise/

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