Compassion in World Farming welcomes decision to suspend live animal exports from Ramsgate

Posted on September 13, 2012


Today (13th September), Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) posted an item on their web-site titled ‘Live exports suspended from Ramsgate’.

‘… Compassion in World Farming welcomes Thanet District Council’s decision to suspend live animal exports from Ramsgate port. The port was until today the only one in Britain exporting live animals to the continent for slaughter

The council’s move comes just hours after 45 sheep died at the port, the latest and most significant tragedy in the catalogue of problems with live exports from Ramsgate.

Compassion Patron, the Actress Joanna Lumley OBE, says: “I congratulate Thanet District Council for suspending this appalling trade. My sincere hope is that our government will follow suit. We control the fate of these unfortunate creatures. Surely they deserve better from us?”

Compassion’s CEO, Philip Lymbery, says: “This is hugely welcome, especially given the latest appalling incident at Ramsgate, where over 40 sheep died. We applaud Thanet District Council’s leadership in suspending the cruel and unnecessary live export trade. We now look to DEFRA to finish it off, once and for all.”

More than 70,000 animals were exported live through Ramsgate last year, after the trade moved from Dover. Compassion has been working with local campaign groups and other animal welfare organisations to stop it ever since.

Philip adds: “We call on DEFRA to take permanent action to stop the live animal export trade reopening, in Ramsgate or anywhere else. It is simply not acceptable to send animals on long journeys, simply to be slaughtered at journey’s end. Thanet District Council has taken a huge step in the battle against this trade. It is now time for DEFRA to consign live exports to history’s hall of shame.”

The catalyst that caused Thanet District Council to act happened on Wednesday morning. A lorry carrying sheep destined for slaughter on the continent was stopped due to faults with the vehicle. The animals were unloaded. Two sheep, one with a broken leg, were put down. Another 41 severely lame sheep have been or are due to be euthanized. Six sheep fell into water after they were loaded into an area where the floor collapsed. Four were rescued by RSPCA officers but two drowned.

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