Australia: ‘Near nude PETA members protest outside Emporio Armani store’

Posted on September 14, 2012


Today (14th September), a news item was posted on titled ‘Near nude PETA members protest outside Emporio Armani store’.

‘… Sydney – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protested outside a Sydney Emporio Armani store against the continued use of fur in their clothing.

Three ladies were lying down inside coffins; another two PETA members were giving leaflets to the public. The protest took place across the road from the Emporio Armani store, located within the Westfield’s shopping centre at Bondi Junction, Sydney. The message written on the side of the coffins was Armani: ‘Fur is dead’. The ‘dead’ people inside the coffins had signs put on top of them reading ‘I wouldn’t be caught dead in fur’ and ‘Stop Armani’s fur cruelty’. A worried passer by said how terrible it was, not quite understanding that the people inside the coffins were just pretending to be dead. One woman said that she was never going to shop at Armani again after being told what the protest was about …

Digital Journal interviewed Claire Fryer, Campaign Coordinator for PETA Australia …’

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