‘Brian May: why I oppose the badger cull’

Posted on September 18, 2012


Today (18th September), an item was posted on telegraph.co.uk titled ‘Brian May: why I oppose the badger cull’, which includes video of Brian May explaining why he opposes the pilot badger cull.

‘… Queen guitarist Brian May says vaccination is the only way to control TB in cattle and culling badgers is the wrong policy –

The Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs have given the go-ahead for the cull to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis.

Farmers claim badgers are spreading the disease. The cull could go ahead in a matter of weeks …

The musician, the founder of wildlife charity Save Me, said the cull was unlikely to address the TB problem saying the “cull was not science based”.

“Lord Krebs [who led a nine-year study into the effect of badger culling on rates of tuberculosis in cattle] has just done an interview where he said this is crazy and unlikely to do any good for the farmers …

“So don’t listen to me, don’t believe a rock star. All the scientists in the field are saying this is not going to work. But the government is insisting on pressing ahead,” said May.

“Vaccination is the long term cure. Vaccination is only thing that can produce herd immunity. Culling is very likely to make the situation worse.” …’

Read the item, view the video and add your comment online at www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/earthnews/9550685/Brian-May-why-I-oppose-the-badger-cull.html


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