email AB Ports at Ipswich and protest against live animal exports

Posted on September 21, 2012


Today (21st September), Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) posted an item on their web-site titled ‘Live exports from Ipswich today’.

‘… Compassion understands that live export for slaughter from the UK could resume as early as today after it was discovered that the Joline, the ship which is used to transport animals across the channel, is scheduled to dock at Ipswich port this afternoon.

Compassion is calling on AB Ports, who control Ipswich port, to deny the ship access.

This comes just a week after the after Thanet District Council put a temporary suspension on live exports from Ramsgate and these latest developments are a sobering reminder that some are still prepared to go ahead with the trade, despite massive concern over the safety and welfare of the exported animals.

Just last week, the deaths of 45 sheep at Ramsgate prompted the suspension of the trade from the port. A lorry carrying sheep destined for slaughter on the continent was stopped due to faults with the vehicle. The animals were unloaded. Two sheep, one with a broken leg, were put down. Another 41 severely lame sheep were euthanized. Six sheep fell into water after they were loaded into an area where the floor collapsed. Four were rescued by RSPCA officers but two drowned.

Joyce D’Silva, Ambassador for Compassion in World Farming, says:

“Compassion in World Farming is appalled that this notorious live animal export ship, the Joline, has been able to find another British port, Ipswich, from which to continue its sordid trade in animal suffering. We call on AB Ports, who control Ipswich port, to urgently reject this vehicle of misery.

“After the deaths of over 40 sheep at Ramsgate just a few days ago, we had hoped British sheep farmers would have more concern for their animals than to export them, not knowing what disasters may happen to them on the way or how they may be slaughtered at their destination.”

Compassion staff and supporters will be at the port to peacefully demonstrate their opposition to the trade and we will post an update as soon as we have one.

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