‘Protest over live animal exports from Ipswich’

Posted on September 21, 2012


Today (21st September), a news item was posted on the ITV news web-site titled ‘Protest over live animal exports from Ipswich’.

‘… Campaigners against the export of live animals have been protesting at the Port of Ipswich. It follows the death of more than 40 sheep on a lorry heading for the Port of Ramsgate last week. The controversial practice has been temporarily banned from the Kent port, but now the animals will be transported from Suffolk instead …

Live animal exports are legal under European Law. The last time Ipswich port was used to export live animals was in 2007. The vessel Joline will be transporting its cargo on the 12-hour journey from Ipswich to Calais.

It’s not the first time animal exports from the Anglia region have caused controversy.

Five years ago the Port of Ipswich saw similar protests when lorries arrived to carry livestock to Europe.

Brightlingsea, in Essex, gained national prominence with large scale protests back in 1995.

Hundreds of campaigners laid siege to the port for almost a year and at times the campaign against the trade turned violent.

Click here for a report from ITV Meridian on the incident at Ramsgate …’

Read the item and view image and video at www.itv.com/news/anglia/2012-09-21/protest-over-live-animal-exports-from-ipswich/

Also read ‘Ipswich: Protests as “vile trade” in live exports resume’ (today, 21st September) and add your comment online at www.eadt.co.uk/business/farming-news/ipswich_protests_as_vile_trade_in_live_exports_resume_1_1525337 and ‘Live animal exports from Ipswich after Ramsgate suspension’ (today, 21st September) at www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-19678934

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