‘Stop the Oxford Animal Lab’ degree day demo. in Oxford: today, 22nd September

Posted on September 22, 2012


Today (22nd September), there will be a ‘Stop the Oxford Animal Lab’ degree day demo. in Oxford led by Speak Campaigns.

‘… Whilst for some people the degree ceremonies are about celebrating their academic achievements, for the animals imprisoned inside Oxford University’s labs it is just another day of abuse and fear, waiting to die in painful and pointless experiments. Join us in our protests as unless people stand up and take action then the suffering of these animals will continue.

Meet from 11.30 The Sheldonian Theatre, corner of Broad Street and Catte Street, Oxford city centre …’

The event is listed on the Veggies AR calendar, with contact details.

Speak Campaigns also hold a weekly demo. opposite the animal lab.: every Thursday, 1-5pm, South Parks Road, Oxford.

For more information, go to www.speakcampaigns.org/


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