‘Badger culls will not win TB war, say government advisers’

Posted on September 23, 2012


Yesterday (22nd September), a news item was published in The Times newspaper titled ‘Badger culls will not win TB war, say government advisers’.

‘… Farmers and vets were asked to suggest alternative ways of dealing with TB in cattle just days before the first of the controversial badger cull licences was issued, it has emerged.

A board advising the Government put out the appeal a week before Natural England gave the green light for the first £100,ooo badger shooting licence in West Gloucestershire.

The Animal Health and Welfare Board for England said that badger culling alone would not win the war against bovine tuberculosis … There will be a formal government consultation on the new proposals early next year.

Shooting is expected to begin next week in Gloucestershire, while a second licence for Somerset will be issued “within days” …

The largest coalition of animal rights groups ever formed for a single issue in Britain, the Coalition of Badger Action Groups, has vowed to use everything from spies to vuvuzelas to disrupt the culls.

Police have warned that conflict between marksmen and protesters during the night could present a threat to public safety, and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has blocked one website from leaking the names and addresses of ministers and National Farmers Union employees. A “Stop the badger cull” e-petition started by the former Queen guitarist Brian May has attracted more than 75,000 signatures so far …’

The item may be posted in full on The Times web-site; unfortunately you must be a subscriber to access timesonline.

[Thanks to D M L Adams for the information.]


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