Australia: ‘Adelaide live export rally’

Posted on September 29, 2012


Today (29th September), a brief news item was posted on the Australian Sky NEWS web-site titled ‘Adelaide live export rally’.

‘… Protesters in Adelaide have taken to the streets as part of a renewed call for a ban on live animal exports.

Around 150 people gathered on the steps of parliament house in the South Australian capital, calling on the federal government to end the trade of live animals.

The protests come after thousands of sheep were slaughtered in Pakistan.

The sheep were originally barred from Bahrain on the grounds that some of the sheep were infected with scabby mouth disease.

After being let into Pakistan, around half of the 20, 000 sheep were culled.

The government is investigating claims the sheep were buried alive.

Protestors say they won’t stop until the practice of live exports is stopped.

They have planned another rally for next week …’

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