badger cull: ‘Disruption totally legal!’

Posted on October 1, 2012


Today (1st October), Stop the Cull posted a news item on their web-site titled ‘Disruption totally legal!’.

‘… After a long chat with our legal team it seems very clear that our night patrols will be TOTALLY LEGAL.

Initial concerns about the aggravated trespass laws have now been swept aside, the reason is simple, killing badgers is illegal! we the general public are not being told where the cull is taking place so it cannot be reasonable for us to know that we have an intention to disrupt it.

Once farmers or the police have stepped forward and told us exactly which farms we cannot go and stop badger culling from taking place on we will then at that point ask everyone to do the following:


this is totally legal, we must ensure that the cull is done legally, to do that we will film it.

to make sure our monitors are all safe we recommend that you

1.Wear a high viz jacket. (to stop yourself from getting shot!)

2.Have very bright torches so that you can film the cull and any possible legal wrong doing.

3.Use megaphones and or horns (again this is to stop people from shooting you, it is not to disrupt the cull)

When on farms that have not stepped forward to say they are involved in the cull and shown us their licence we will immediately contact the police and try our best to stop marksmen from moving on, surrounding there vehicles etc. Killing badgers is an offence and until we see the licences it is illegal EVERYWHERE …’

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