‘Conference 2012: RSPCA speaks out on badger cull’

Posted on October 1, 2012


Today (1st October), the RSPCA posted an item on epolitix.com titled ‘Conference 2012: RSPCA speaks out on badger cull’.

‘… Gavin Grant, chief executive of the RSPCA has attacked the government’s badger cull arguing that ‘you cant ignore the science’. He was speaking at a fringe reception at Labour conference in Manchester also attended by Shadow Defra secretary Mary Creagh and Richard Howitt MEP.

Mr Grant said that the cull could wipe out 70% of badgers to save one cow in 100.

He put on record a tribute to Welsh Environment minister John Griffiths who has called off the cull in Wales in favour of vaccinations.

There is likely to be a debate in parliament on the badger cull now the official petition has achieved over 100,000 signatures. It currently stands at over 140,000 signatures.

“I hope there will be a debate on the floor of the House of Commons. I hope there will be division and I hope those who follow Science and logic will find their way into the No lobby.”

The RSPCA is also planning a prosecution of huntsmen and the hunt itself for people who continue to flout the hunting ban:

“The prosecution is not about PR or Politics. We will show no favour for people who abuse animals for pleasure.”

The RSPCA has also been active recently in banning livestock exports from Ramsgate and Ipswich. As a result there is now no live exports from England and Wales.

Mary Creagh, shadow Defra secretary spoke of Labour’s record achieved in government:

“Helping farmers deliver the highest animal welfare standards in the world. We banned fox hunting and hare coursing.”

She also referred to the upcoming badger cull debate:

“After defeating the government on the forests sale and animals in circuses I want to see a hat-trick with the badger cull.”

Richard Howitt MEP also spoke about his involvement in the export ban at Ipswich in his constituency:

“We didnt just go to Ipswich with placards, we went with European law. Unless you stop a trade at European level you cant stop it altogether or protect animal welfare.”

The RSPCA will also be hosting an event at the Conservative party conference …’

Read the item at www.epolitix.com/latestnews/article-detail/newsarticle/conference-2012-rspca-speaks-out-on-the-badger-cull/


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