‘Prime Minister insists badger cull is “right policy”‘

Posted on October 7, 2012


Today (7th October), a short item was posted on thisisgloucestershire.co.uk titled ‘Prime Minister insists badger cull is “right policy”‘.

‘… A CULL of badgers aimed at tackling the spread of  TB in cattle is the “right policy” David Cameron has insisted.

The Prime Minister argued the issue had been “dodged and ducked” for years.

And while opponents of the controversial move could protest, they did not have the right to intimidate.

It comes after the Government gave the go-ahead to two pilot culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset.

Campaigners are angry over the Government’s decision to push ahead with a cull of badgers, which they claim will not have a significant effect in reducing the disease and want the focus to be shifted on to vaccination.

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, where there was a vocal demonstration by anti-cull campaigners,

Mr Cameron added: “I believe this is the right policy for healthy badgers as well as healthy cattle.

“There shouldn’t be intimidation.

“They (opponents) have a right to protest but don’t have a right to intimidate.” …’

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