‘Environment Secretary Owen Paterson defends badger cull’

Posted on October 9, 2012


Today (9th October), a news item was posted on independent.co.uk titled ‘Environment Secretary Owen Paterson defends badger cull’.

‘… Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has defended the controversial plan for a badger cull to tackle bovine TB, warning that the disease would cost the taxpayer £1 billion unless action was taken.

The disease imposed a “shattering emotional and financial cost” on farmers and rural communities and it was essential to take every possible step to deal with the reservoir of the disease in the badger population, he said.

Addressing the Conservative party conference, he said wind farms should only be allowed where they were “acceptable” to the local community and promised his department would make it “as simple as possible” for shale gas projects to go ahead.

In his keynote speech to activists in Birmingham he encouraged people to support British farmers in the same way they got behind Team GB’s Olympic sport stars by buying locally produced food.

But the main threat to cattle farmers was from bovine TB, he said, telling the conference that 26,000 cattle were slaughtered last year at a cost to the taxpayer of £100 million, due to the disease …

Despite £15.5 million being spent on vaccine research, there was no workable solution in the short term.

“We must, therefore, learn from the experience of other countries. We have to use every tool at our disposal and that’s why we’re trialling a badger cull.

“We need healthy wildlife living alongside healthy cattle. Only if we work to eradicate the reservoir of TB in our badgers, will we have the strong and prosperous dairy industry the public wishes to see.” …’

Read the item in full and add your comment online at www.independent.co.uk/environment/nature/environment-secretary-owen-paterson-defends-badger-cull-8203537.html

[Vegans say abandon the exploitation, abuse and slaughter of all animals.]


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