‘Sea Shepherd Conservation Society creates the Megalodon Mentality Award’

Posted on October 11, 2012


Today (11th October), the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society posted a news item on their web-site titled ‘Sea Shepherd Conservation Society creates the Megalodon Mentality Award’.

‘… Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has created the Megalodon Mentality Award to be presented to individuals, groups, corporations or governments that display exceptional and extraordinary ignorance towards the ecological role of sharks.

In a world where one’s chances of being struck by lightning while playing golf are greater than being attacked in the sea while surfing, diving or swimming; where humanity is exterminating more than seventy-five million sharks a year primarily for soup; and where biodiversity in our oceans is being dangerously diminished, this award is meant to illustrate the startling ignorance that is the foundation for the destruction of ecological diversity in the sea.

The shark depicted in the Steven Spielberg movie “Jaws” (1975) was not a Great White shark. Indeed, it was not an existing species of shark at all. It was, in fact, a Carcharocles Megalodon, a species that has been extinct for approximately 2 million years.

Thus, this award is presented to those prehistoric-minded enemies of the shark who still believe that this extinct monster swims in the sea, seeking to gobble up every human being it encounters.

The shark is an apex predator and scavenger and an ocean without sharks will be a diminished eco-system that will have grave consequences for all of humanity.

The award is a mounted plastic Carcharocles Megalodon tooth. The real ones are expensive and hard to find fossils while the plastic ones are more representative of the people who believe in make-believe monster fish.

It was extremely difficult to decide on the first awardee of the Megalodon Mentality Award. Therefore, Sea Shepherd is honoring two winners with this distinction.

The Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett, having just declared war on all the sharks of Western Australia, has been selected as the very first recipient of the Sea Shepherd Megalodon Mentality Award.

Tying with the Premier for this dishonorable distinction is Australian Minister of Fisheries Norman Moore, with his alarming announcement that his government plans to “kill sharks before they kill people.”

“The Premier and the Minister of Fisheries have each displayed unabashed opportunism and extreme ecological ignorance with their hysterical reaction to recent shark attacks in Western Australia,” said Sea Shepherd Shark Director Julie Andersen. “This approach to the problem is the equivalent of tearing down the mountains to stop mountain climbing accidents or moving golf courses inside to protect golfers. Destroying nature so that people can indulge in recreational activities is hardly a solution.”

Instead of killing off the sharks, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society supports setting up an observer system, helicopter surveillance, tagging projects, education, and stopping the transoceanic export of live sheep, which spills blood and urine into the sea attracting sharks close to shore …’

Read the item at www.seashepherd.org/news-and-media/2012/10/11/sea-shepherd-conservation-society-creates-the-megalodon-mentality-award-1450

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