‘Anti-badger cull protest at Tesco in Bristol’

Posted on October 13, 2012


Today (13th October), a brief news item was posted on thisisbristol.co.uk titled ‘Anti-badger cull protest at Tesco in Bristol’.

‘… Animal activists have staged a demonstration outside Tesco in Bristol city centre today.

The protesters handed out leaflets to shoppers from 11am displaying their anger at the supermarket chain for supplying milk from farms where badger culling takes place …

A Tesco spokesperson responded to the claims, saying: “Animal welfare is an important and sensitive issue for many of our customers and we take our responsibilities in this area very seriously.

“We are not for or against the culling trial but we recognise the significant threat that bovine TB poses to dairy farmers and their livelihoods.

“Therefore we believe it is for farmers to decide whether to take part in the cull. We want to support British farmers through this challenging time and will continue to buy from those who participate.” …’

Read the item, view image and add your comment online at www.thisisbristol.co.uk/Anti-badger-cull-protest-Tesco-Bristol/story-17080315-detail/story.html


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