‘Demonstrators in Australia make powerful statement holding animal corpses’

Posted on October 13, 2012


Yesterday (12th October), a brief news item was posted on freefromharm.org titled ‘Demonstrators in Australia make powerful statement holding animal corpses’.

‘… Around one hundred Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) activists assembled in the City Square on October 12, each holding the body of an animal who was the victim of exploitation, violence or neglect at the hands of humans. This powerful protest draws attention to the hidden suffering of animals in Australia and around the world.

This protest served as a solemn memorial to honor the lives of around 100 animals and draws attention to the the suffering of animals in our society — animals who live and die in miserable conditions.

The sobering and powerful visual display of animal corpses is provoking debate in Australia over the overwhelming violence and bloodshed involved in the killing of some 60 billion animals across the planet each year. Similar protests have taken place in Spain, Chile, France, Germany, Peru …’

Read the item in full, view video and add your comment online at http://freefromharm.org/videos/media-spots/demonstrators-in-australia-makes-powerful-statement-holding-animal-corpses/



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