Ramsgate: KAALE issue press report on resumption of live animal exports

Posted on October 19, 2012


Today (19th October), KAALE (Kent Action Against Live Exports) posted a press report (PR) online on the High Court ruling that Thanet District Council would have to allow the export of live animals from Ramsgate port. KAALE are critical of the process of the court hearing and the organisations involved in the live animal exports.

‘… In a High Court ruling (London) on Tuesday 16th October, Thanet District Council (TDC) in Kent was informed that it had to allow, once again, the live transport of animals from its port of Ramsgate. This re-commencement of the live animal trade is completely against the wishes of the Council, who have openly declared in writing that adequate facilities do not exist at the port to deal with any live animal trade; be it the trade in the past or that of the future. This view of the Council is fully supported by animal welfare organisations including the RSPCA, KAALE, TALE and CIWF.

This declaration was recently submitted by TDC in a letter to Defra Secretary of State, Minister Owen Patterson MP.

Further to the High Court ruling of 16th October, we (KAALE) have now been informed by parties directly involved in the court case in London, that PRIOR to the court hearing deciding the future of Ramsgate port for live animal exports, a letter was sent to the alleged ‘impartial judge’ who would bemaking the decision on Ramsgate as a suitable facility. It appears that this letter was sent by AHVLA – the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency – which is an agency of Defra, the government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, headed by Owen Patterson MP. This letter sent in advance of the judgement allegedly informed the judge that facilities at
Ramsgate were suitable for the re-commencement of the live animal trade; an issue which is still thoroughly disputed by Thanet District Council and ALL animal welfare organisations involved withmonitoring animal transport fromKent ports to mainland Europe.

It appears that this same letter had a very major influence on the ‘impartial’ judge involved with the case, and it is widely suspected now that his decision on the resumption of the live animal export trade fromRamsgate port was made almost entirely on the single, advanced (of the case) letter provided by AHVLA. Any judge in a case such as this is supposed to be completely impartial; reviewing the evidence submitted by both parties involved in the case only at the time of the hearing. We feel that the letter allegedly provided by AHVLA to the judge in advance of the court hearing had a very major, if not total, influence on his decision to let Ramsgate operations recommence. Influenced to the point where he refused to even consider issues raised by animal welfare organisations in court regarding evidence associated with the resumption of the live animal trade from Ramsgate.

Therefore, the basis of this KAALE PR is simply to provide facts and information which certain organisations may not have been allowed to present to the judge at the London High Court case early this week.

In this PR we certain aspects of the live animal trade which has operated fromKent ports for decades, and attempt to shine further light on some people involved with the trade and also the long running saga of a Kent facility to take animals in the event of port emergencies.

It is not for us to make up your mind one way or the other about the situation regarding Ramsgate live export resumptions; your view(s) can be made with the help of the information which we present in this PR …’

Read the press report in full at www.veggies.org.uk/img/arc/kaale121021.pdf

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