Stop the badger cull campaign: mass lobby of parliament on 21st October

Posted on October 20, 2012


Yesterday (19th October), the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) issued a media release which they also posted on their web-site titled ‘League on the march next Wednesday’.

‘… Stop the badger cull campaign heads to parliament for mass lobby

League supporters to don badger costumes and float in a boat down The Thames

The League Against Cruel Sports is heading to Westminster next Wednesday, 24th October.

Accompanied by an army of supporters, including celebrities opposed to the cull, the League will lead the way to Central Lobby to encourage as many Members of Parliament as possible to vote against the proposed badger cull in the House of Commons the following day, Thursday 25th October 2012.

The rally of supporters at the Houses of Parliament, will give attendees the opportunity to meet with their MPs to discuss the issue and to encourage them to participate in the debate.

Joe Duckworth, Chief Executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, comments: “We are as determined as ever to ensure the Government listens to both the scientific evidence and overwhelming public opposition to the badger cull. We will not stop. Through our planned peaceful activities, we will ensure that as many MPs as possible are fully informed about the cull and take part in next Thursday’s debate to vote with us against the cull.”

Bill Oddie, Vice President of the League, says: “I have never known an issue which has provoked such widespread disapproval and disgust from NGOs, scientists, the public and indeed many farmers and politicians. We can assume that badgers aren’t too thrilled either, and even the most docile cow might well moo its despair. We all want to defeat Bovine TB. Killing badgers is not the way. We must not be over-ruled by a misguided and arrogant minority. This is NOT about politics; it is about living creatures, including humans.” 

Gemma Atkinson, Actress playing Tamzin Bayle in BBC Casualty and celebrity supporter of the League, is also backing the campaign to help give badgers a voice. She says: “I am a huge animal lover and the thought of badgers being shot, killed or left wounded to die a slow, agonising death breaks my heart. Please help stop the cull and support the League Against Cruel Sports by contacting your MP now.

Next Thursday’s six hour debate is the latest chapter in a four month campaign of intensive activity against the badger cull, by the League and other organisations and individuals. The decision to hold a debate follows the overwhelming opposition to the cull, including 159,020 signatures – and counting – against the cull on the e-petition set up by Queen guitarist Dr Brian May CBE.

In addition to the rally, the League plans to take a morning boat ride down the River Thames to celebrate Britain’s much loved black and white wild creatures. The boat will set off at 10.00am, filled with supporters dressed in badger masks, celebrity invitees and the fantastic Artful Badgers dance group performing up on deck.

The Artful Badgers are also inviting members of the public to participate in their ‘Love The Badger Dance’ event, a series of badger flash mob dances in Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square from 12:00 noon on Sunday 21st October …’

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Please support the League Against Cruel Sports and all their campaigns.


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