‘This cruel badger cull is pointless – and I can prove it, says Queen guitarist Brian May’

Posted on October 20, 2012


Today (20th October), a long item was posted on dailymail.co.uk titled ‘This cruel badger cull is pointless – and I can prove it, says Queen guitarist Brian May’, written by Brian May himself.

‘… At the recent Conservative Party Conference, I had a brief encounter with new Defra Minister Owen Paterson who seemed positively jubilant about the ‘imminent’ badger cull he is so enthusiastically backing.

I asked him: ‘Surely it would be better to vaccinate cattle instead of this cruel cull of badgers?’

He gave me a condescending smile and said: ‘Not a chance! Vaccination of cattle is years away.’ …

Even before it has begun, the cost of the cull has rocketed to double the original estimates, with farmers expected to help foot the bill. And to what end? Virtually every scientist in the field, and many farmers, too, are convinced that even if we could exterminate every badger in Britain, we could not eradicate bTB in cows.Indeed, many believe the cull policy is likely to make the situation worse.

The ‘stop the cull’ petition on the Government’s own website collected 100,000 signatures in record time, entitling TeamBadger to secure the first-ever debate in Parliament on this policy …

The motion is supported by MPs of every political colour and has strong support in the House, fuelled by revelations in the press about huge flaws in the scientific arguments …’

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