‘Injured ram dies after live exports resume at Ramsgate Port’

Posted on October 23, 2012


Today (23rd October), a news item was posted on thisiskent.co.uk titled ‘Injured ram dies after live exports resume at Ramsgate Port’.

‘… A BADLY injured ram had to be put down at the Port of Ramsgate today – four days after live exports were resumed at the port.

RSPCA inspectors spotted the bleeding animal with its horn hanging off on one of five lorries loading live exports onto a ship this morning …

The ram was put to sleep on-board the Joline and “dragged” ashore, according to the animal welfare charity.

RSPCA chief inspector Steve Dockery said: “This was a glaring example of how problems can arise and even with a short window of opportunity to look at these animals, we found this suffering sheep.

“The facilities here are simply not suitable for dealing with these kinds of problems.”

Inspectors had less than 30 minutes to check the welfare of the cargo and check exporters were complying with the rules as the lorries were delayed.

A sixth lorry carrying sheep broke down and missed the departure of the Joline, which sailed at 2pm.

Thanet council suspended live exports, after 45 sheep had to be slaughtered in the port as they were too sick and crippled to travel on September 12.

But last Tuesday, three Dutch firms involved in the trade successfully challenged the decision at the High Court.

Animal movements through the port resumed on Friday and will continue until a full judicial review has been completed …’

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