‘BUAV launches global petition calling for an end to the Mauritius monkey trade’

Posted on November 7, 2012


Today (7th November), the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) posted a news item on their web-site titled ‘BUAV launches global petition calling for an end to the Mauritius monkey trade’.

‘… The BUAV has today launched a global AVAAZ petition urging the Mauritius Prime Minister to ban the breeding and export of primates for research.

The BUAV’s shocking exposé earlier this week of the appalling slaughter of hundreds of monkeys, including pregnant females and babies, at the Noveprim primate breeding farm in Mauritius has caused an outcry around the world and resulted in widespread international media coverage.

Our shocking images reveal discarded dead monkeys stacked in piles on the floor and dumped in bins and skips like garbage. Hundreds of monkeys were slaughtered at the farm because they are deemed unsuitable for overseas research laboratories.

Watch the video which has now had over 10,000 views and view photographs (Warning – this video contain some graphic footage)

Noveprim is a major exporter of monkeys to the UK, Spain and the USA. The company is approved by the UK Home Office to supply monkeys to UK laboratories. It is partially owned by Covance Laboratories Ltd, the global contract testing company which has an animal testing facility based in Harrogate, UK.

AVAAZ has over 16 million members worldwide, almost 400,000 Facebook fans and over 370,000 followers on Twitter, so the BUAV aims to reach far and wide. Please sign the petition now.

A major investigation carried out by the BUAV in 2010 obtained shocking evidence of the cruelty and suffering involved in the trapping and breeding of the wild monkeys on Mauritius.

Follow the BUAV’s Sov Nou Zako (Save our Monkeys) campaign to end this cruel trade, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

For more information of the appalling slaughter of hundreds of monkeys in Mauritius …’

Read the item at www.buav.org/article/1131/buav-launches-global-petition-calling-for-an-end-to-the-mauritius-monkey-trade

Please support the BUAV and all their campaigns.


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