‘New poll shows 80% of public believe people illegally hunting with dogs should be prosecuted’

Posted on November 13, 2012


Today (13th November), the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) issued a media release which they also posted on their web-site titled ‘New poll shows 80% of public believe people illegally hunting with dogs should be prosecuted’.

‘… Results of League Against Cruel Sports, RSPCA and IFAW YouGov and Ipsos MORI polls reveal public opinion on Wildlife crime ahead of Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

The results of a new series of polls, commissioned by leading animal welfare charities, the League Against Cruel Sports, RSPCA and IFAW, revealed over three quarters (80 per cent) of people in Great Britain felt that where there is evidence of people illegally hunting with dogs they should be prosecuted. YouGov

The majority of the public surveyed, 70 per cent of adults aged 18 years or older were also in support of animal welfare charities, where there is evidence, bringing private prosecutions against those they believe to have been illegally hunting if the police or Crown Prosecution Service for whatever reason do not proceed. 1 YouGov

Support for animal welfare charities using their trained investigations teams to collect evidence of wildlife crime to pass onto the police was also high at seven in ten (71 per cent) of the Great British public. Interestingly, 74 per cent of those individuals surveyed, living in rural parts of the country (where wildlife crime is most prevalent) were also in favour. 2 Ipsos MORI

The charities believe that in the run up to the Police and Crime Commissioner elections taking place on Thursday 15th November, this kind of clear message from the public should be taken into account by candidates by giving this issue the priority it deserves.

Joe Duckworth, Chief Executive of the League Against Cruel Sports says: “Bringing cruel wildlife criminals to justice resonates with both the public and fills the postbags of many MPs. We remain committed to stamping out wildlife crime for good.”

Gavin Grant, Chief Executive of the RSPCA comments: “It’s clear that the vast majority of people hate wildlife crime as much as we do. It has no place in a civilised Britain. Preventing such cruelty should be important for PCC candidates. This is why the RSPCA has asked them to make their stand clear by signing up to an action charter against wildlife and animal welfare crime. We hope that voters will reflect on who has signed up as they cast their vote on Thursday.”

Robbie Marsland, IFAW Country Director, United Kingdom says: “Wildlife crime not only causes animal suffering but also leads to the distress and intimidation of many people in rural communities.  IFAW is committed to working with police in their fight against wildlife crime. Evidence gathered by leading animal welfare charities has been instrumental in bringing these cruel criminals to justice.”  …’

Read the item and its notes at www.league.org.uk/news/1092/New-Poll-Shows-80–of-Public-Believe-People-Illegally-Hunting-With-Dogs-Should-Be-Prosecuted

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