‘Horror of the Fire Bull Festival’

Posted on November 14, 2012


Today (14th November), an item was posted on the web-site of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) titled ‘Horror of the Fire Bull Festival’.

‘… The League has often reported about the gruesome and cruel fiestas involving bulls in countries around the world. However none stands out for sheer barbarity quite like the Toro Jubilo held in the town of Medinaceli in central Spain.

The festival involves attaching flaming balls to the bull’s horns while hundreds of people watch and goad the terrified animal as it desperately tries to escape.

This year’s ‘entertainment’ continued for a full 40 minutes while members of the public, playing at being matadors, ran at the petrified creature and then dramatically leapt to safety. The ordeal ended with a firework display, frightening the bull even further before it was led out of the ring – saliva dripping from its mouth and flanks charred – to be slaughtered.

This inexcusable and violently cruel festival has been taking place in Medinaceli since 1977 and has been accorded special cultural status by the authorities of Castile and Leon in Spain and the municipality of Medinaceli is applying for it to be awarded Intangible Cultural Heritage status by Unesco.

The League and other animal welfare groups both in the UK and in Spain have been attempting to get these types of festivals banned and in particular to fight the inclusion of any form of bullfighting being protected under UNESCO.

— Please ensure UNESCO know how you feel about bullfighting
— Read the full report on the Toro Jubilo in the Express newspaper …’

Read the item, view images and add your comment online at www.league.org.uk/blogpost/752/Horror-of-the-Fire-Bull-Festival

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