Britain to cull some badgers and to provide other badgers with ‘animal subways’

Posted on November 18, 2012


Today (18th November), an item was published in The Sunday Times newspaper titled ‘Hold that zebra – badgers to get own crossings’.

‘… WHILE one ministry may be out to cull them, another is trying to save badgers by spending tens of thousands on “animal subways” so they can avoid crossing roads.

They are to be given a network of tunnels, underpasses, modified culverts and protective fences to help them traverse motorways, trunk roads and railways.

The measures are being installed every time a trunk road or motorway is modernised or a new road is built. The proposed high-speed rail line from London to Leeds will also feature the badger-safe accessories.

Patrick McLoughlin, the transport secretary, revealed the scheme in a speech to the Campaign to Protect Rural England in which he suggested that future road and rail schemes could benefit the environment rather than damage it.

“We’re investing £2bn in a programme of 14 managed motorways schemes across the country,” said McLoughlin …’

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