MP sees stag and Tweets ‘I wish I had my 12 bore handy’

Posted on November 19, 2012


Today (19th November), a news item was posted on titled ‘”I meant to say rifle!”: Tory MP who tweeted ‘I wish I had my 12 bore handy’ after spotting stag in his garden rebuffs animal welfare critics’.

‘…  * MP Glyn Davies declared on Twitter he wanted to shoot beast with shotgun
* Comments immediately drew angry reaction from animal welfare groups
* He said: ‘I accept reference to 12 bore was wrong. Should have been a .22’

A Tory MP who sparked anger from animal welfare groups after tweeting ‘I wish I had my 12 bore handy’ when he spotted a beautiful stag has apologised – for referring to the wrong weapon needed to kill the beast.

MP Glyn Davies told his 1,500 followers that he wanted to shoot the animal when it ventured into his garden.

His wrote: ‘Beautiful antlered stag in the garden, grazing on shrubs border. Oohs of admiration from family. I just wished I still had my 12 bore handy.’

The comments by the Montgomeryshire MP immediately drew criticism from animal welfare groups.

The RSPCA said: ‘It is sad when people can’t see the beauty in a wild animal like this and just want to kill it.’

The League Against Cruel Sports warned that the MP’s attitude was evidence that the Conservative Party wanted to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs.

Labour’s Kerry McCarthy told the Daily Mirror that yet another Tory had shown a desire to kill animals.

After learning of the backlash against him, Mr Davies took to his blog ‘A View From Rural Wales’ to make a humble concession, but only that he had mentioned the incorrect gun.

He said: ‘It seems that some animal rights groups had considered this an offensive comment for an MP to make. I accept that reference to a 12 bore was wrong. It should have been a .22 or some other rifle.’ …

Shooting a deer with a shotgun is considered inhumane because the dispersal of the pellets means you rarely get a clean kill …

Mr Davies admitted deer were a ‘nightmare’ in his garden …

He added: ‘I have “shot at” grey squirrels and a horrid feral cat with an airgun. Always missed. But when it comes to deer in the garden, I can still think about shooting them.

‘I suppose I could buy a bow and arrow. I am after all the reigning Parliamentary Archery Champion.’

David Cameron has already pledged a vote in the Commons on the subject of blood sports.

League spokesman Joe Duckworth said: ‘We worry about the Government’s underlying beliefs about the importance of our wildlife. It should be respected.’ …’

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