‘Official complaint lodged after Ramsgate export’

Posted on November 22, 2012


Today (22nd November), a news item was posted on kentnews.co.uk titled ‘Official complaint lodged after Ramsgate export’.

‘… Ship Joline was forced to return back to Kent port following poor weather –

RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant has lodged an official complaint after a boat containing live animals shipped through the Port of Ramsgate was forced to turn back due to adverse weather conditions.

Mr Grant has called the decision to allow a live export shipment in gale force winds as “barbaric” after the former Soviet boat Joline struggled to cope with the high winds.

The vessel arrived back at the Port of Ramsgate at 4.30pm yesterday, after it set sail towards continent Europe at 11am.

Protestors said the bad weather was predicted, and the shipment should not have been allowed to leave the Kent port.

Shipping forecasts suggested severe storm force ten gales would strike the English Channel late yesterday afternoon.

RSPCA CEO Gavin Grant said: “It is barbaric that animals are at sea on open decks in these appalling weather conditions. This shop is designed to work in rivers, not in the open sea.

“We are lodging a complaint with the appropriate authorities and expect a full investigation into why this ship was allowed to sail.” …’

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