‘New report does not change evidence against badger culling’

Posted on November 30, 2012


Today (30th November), an item was posted on the web-site of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) titled ‘New report does not change evidence against badger culling’.

‘… The media are reporting today on the first direct evidence of a link between the transmission of Bovine TB between badgers and cattle, following a report published in the medical journal PloS Pathogens, which was supported by health charity, the Wellcome Trust and various scientists.

Although some reporters have suggested that the report’s findings undermine the case of those opposed to the cull, this announcement only supports what the League, along with our partner organisations and our supporters have known for a long time: that the evidence shows TB can be carried from badger to cattle, cattle to badger and from cattle to cattle. The question is what is the best way to eradicate TB, rather than how it is transmitted.

The League, along with our “Team Badger” partners and many eminent scientists, has consistently argued that culling is not an effective way to eradicate Bovine TB. Culling would have a negligible effect on the disease and could even make matters worse by causing displacement of infected badgers into other parts of the country, known as perturbation. In addition, there is huge public safety concern over the proposals to allow “free shooting” at night with inadequately trained marksman and the high cost implication for both farmers and the public.

The Government needs to invest more in finding a vaccination alternative, as has successfully been demonstrated in Wales. We are pleased that the EFRA (Environment Food and Rural Affairs) Select Committee has announced an inquiry into a TB vaccination for cattle and badgers, which is due to report early next year. We will be contributing to this inquiry, alongside our colleagues in “Team Badger”.

The fate of badgers is clearly still a major issue. The Government’s announcement in October that the cull was being postponed until next summer means badgers have been given a stay of execution, but not a pardon. The League will therefore continue its campaign to ensure that the cull is abandoned completely in favour of an effective bovine TB vaccine …’

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