‘BUAV speaks out for primates in Colombia’

Posted on December 4, 2012


Today (4th December), the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) posted a news item on their web-site titled ‘BUAV speaks out for primates in Colombia’.

‘… Dr Nick Palmer, the BUAV’s Director of Policy, was invited to Colombia to participate in a conference held at the building of the national Senate and which was co-sponsored by four senators from across the political spectrum. At the event entitled, “Science with a Conscience,” speakers for and against animal testing, on primates in particular, took part in a debate. The audience was a mixture of politicians, advisers, students and members of the public.

Dr Palmer spoke about the BUAV’s recent investigation into the trade in owl monkeys and put the ethical and scientific case as to why primates should not be used in research. In particular, he spoke about the malaria research that is carried out in Colombia using owl monkeys. His speech, which lasted for 30 minutes, was well received and he took a number of questions.

The BUAV investigation into the trade in owl monkeys revealed the cruel trapping of these wild animals in Colombia and Peru and the destruction of their rainforest habitat.

The BUAV has been working with and supporting the efforts of primatologist, Dr. Angela Maldonado, Scientific Director of Fundacion Entropika (an organisation seeking to protect Amazonian wildlife) who also attended the conference and who has been campaigning for many years to end the capture and trade in owl monkeys.

For more information on this investigation …’

Read the item and view image at www.buav.org/article/1156/buav-speaks-out-for-primates-in-colombia

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