Canada: ‘Animal-rights group wants grocery chains to force pork suppliers to change their ways’

Posted on December 10, 2012


Today (10th December), an item was posted on titled ‘Animal-rights group wants grocery chains to force pork suppliers to change their ways’.

‘… An animal-protection organization wants four of Canada’s major grocery chains to require their pork suppliers to change the way pigs are raised.

Mercy for Animals Canada says it recorded hundreds of hours of footage showing “inhumane” animal abuse at a Manitoba pig farm this fall. The group has released a video showing sows confined to narrow metal gestation crates that don’t allow the animals to lie down or turn around, pigs with lesions on their bodies from rubbing up against the bars of the cages, employees at the farm kicking animals and throwing piglets to the ground and leaving them to die. The group says its volunteer investigator also found unsanitary conditions at the 3,000-pig farm, including the presence of maggots and filthy water.

“Every single day our investigator identified issues of absolutely horrific animal cruelty,” said Stéphane Perrais, Mercy for Animals Canada’s director of operations.

The Manitoba farm was chosen at random, Perrais said, and the group’s volunteer investigator was there for 10 weeks.

The company that owns the Arborg, Manitoba farm, Puratone, said in a statement on its website that it is doing its own investigation and that corrective measures will be taken.

“We are disturbed by some of the images, show in the video taken at one of our farming sites, which do not reflect our animal welfare policy and principles,” the company said.

Mercy for Animals wants Loblaws, Metro, Sobey’s and Walmart Canada to require their suppliers to phase out the use of gestation crates, metal cages used for.

Mercy for Animals Canada was established in August 2012, and is a sister organization to Mercy for Animals, an American animal-protection group that has done undercover investigation of pig, dairy and poultry farming practices in the United States.

The was Mercy for Animals Canada’s first investigation, Perrais said. Other undercover investigations are underway, he said. Perrais would not say if the group is doing any investigations in Quebec …’

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