‘League welcomes Scottish air gun consultation’

Posted on December 28, 2012


Yesterday (27th December), the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) issued a media release which they also posted on their web-site titled ‘Gunning for change’.


The League Against Cruel Sports today welcomed the Scottish Government’s consultation on air gun licensing.

The consultation document contains a number of proposals that will curtail the use of air guns to kill and maim animals in Scotland. The Scottish Government have stated firmly that air gun licensing will happen, but has also said that some issues surrounding the application and scope of licenses are to be considered.

The League agrees with the Scottish Government’s initial view of several issues for consideration, namely, that licences should not be made available to under 18 year olds and that shooting should only be allowed in properly licensed clubs.

There are some areas, however, where the League is asking the Scottish Government to take a firmer line. These are in ensuring that target shooting at live animals is not considered a legitimate use of an air gun; that BB guns be included in the licensing regime; that no visitors can come to Scotland to participate in shooting and killing animals with air guns; and that no one under 18 years old should be permitted to use an air gun, with or without supervision.

The shooting industry however is determined to have as little regulation as possible, no matter how much harm is caused to innocent animals and even children as a result. The League is also submitting a response to the consultation, the deadline for which is 15th March 2013, and encouraging its Scottish supporters to do the same.

Jennifer Dunn, the League Against Cruel Sports Scottish Senior Public Affairs Officer, says: “In general, these proposals are very positive and we support them. Scotland is leading the way in the UK and even in Europe, in tightening controls on air weapons. This is something the Scottish people should be proud of, and that other nations in the UK will envy.

“We understand that the main drive for this legislation has been crimes perpetrated against people, including the horrific murder of Andrew Morton. However, it should not be forgotten that animals as well as people suffer because of air guns. It is not acceptable to shoot animals for fun and we call on the Scottish Government to ensure that the licensing scheme takes into account the need to protect Scottish wildlife from the mindless cruelty of a minority of sick-minded people.” …’

Read the item at www.league.org.uk/news/1098/GUNNING-FOR-CHANGE

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