‘2013 will be an unlucky year for illegal hunters pledges the League Against Cruel Sports’

Posted on January 1, 2013


Today (1st  January), the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) posted an item on their web-site titled ‘2013 will be an unlucky year for illegal hunters pledges the League Against Cruel Sports’ CEO, Joe Duckworth’.

‘… If you are one of the small minority of people who continue to hunt illegally, this message is just for you:

It is quite simple. Hunting with dogs is cruel, unnecessary, loathed by the majority of people in our country and ILLEGAL. Stop it now, or be stopped doing it.

Brutality to our wildlife in the name of sport will no longer be tolerated.  We are a nation of animal lovers and will not stand by while you and your friends try to force the clock back to a time of cruelty. The Hunting Act is supported by the vast majority of the public and MPs; it’s a successful piece of legislation which is here to stay.

If you continue to callously flout the law, we will catch you and bring you to justice. The League’s specialist undercover investigators, volunteers and the great British public are all working on our behalf across the country, sending us evidence of your illegal hunting every day.

Support for the League and our objectives is growing by the day, as people join with us to defend our wildlife from cruel criminals who think they are above the law.

Each day, our wildlife crimewatch number is inundated with calls from members of the public who want to see illegal hunting stopped forever. People who abhor seeing innocent animals torn apart in the name of sport; who live in fear of their local hunts that intimidate their families, livestock and pets; and who simply believe that the law shouldn’t be broken.

Even though it is only a few weeks into the hunting season, we already have enough evidence to prosecute three of your hunts, and mounting, as the evidence floods into us.

Our new year message to you is clear therefore: stop hunting our animals or expect to pay the price in 2013. Don’t say we didn’t warn you …’

Read the item at www.league.org.uk/news/1099/2013-will-be-an-unlucky-year-for-illegal-hunters-pledges-the-League-Against-Cruel-Sports–CEO–Joe-Duckworth

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