‘Floods and wet weather could spell poor year for wildlife in 2013’

Posted on January 6, 2013


Today (6th January), an item was posted on telegraph.co.uk titled ‘Floods and wet weather could spell poor year for wildlife in 2013’.

‘… Many of Britain’s best loved animals and birds are likely to be less abundant this year after suffering heavy losses in the deluge of rain and flooding over the past few months –

The country may be starting to dry off after the second wettest year on record, but it seems the impact of the downpours will be felt by Britain’s wildlife for some time.

Experts are warning that many of the country’s best loved animals and birds face a slow recovery after 2012’s sodden weather left their habitats destroyed and food hard to come by.

Songbirds, butterflies, water voles and kingfishers are all expected to be less abundant than normal this year …

Conservationists say that many already vulnerable species are among the worst to be affected and fear that if conditions this year are as bad as 2012, it could permanently damage their populations …

To compound the problems, recent unseasonably warm weather presents a further danger, encouraging insects such as bees, as well as hibernating animals such as dormice and hedgehogs, to be more active – raising fears that they will not have enough energy to survive until spring …

Provisional figures from the Met Office reveal that an average of 52.38in (133cm) of rain fell throughout Britain during 2012, just ¼in (6mm) less than the wettest year, 2000. Extreme downpours occurred around once every 70 days, bringing heavy flooding.

High river levels have hit bank dwelling species particularly hard, with kingfishers’ burrows destroyed, and water voles and otters fleeing rising waters.

Darren Tansley, Water for Wildlife officer at Essex Wildlife Trust, said it had received reports of large numbers of otters killed by traffic as flooding forced them to cross roads rather than going under bridges …’

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