‘Half of all Welsh Assembly Members support CCTV for slaughterhouses’

Posted on January 18, 2013


Today (18th January), Animal Aid posted a news item on their web-site titled ‘Half of all Welsh Assembly Members support CCTV for slaughterhouses’.

‘… A Statement of Opinion, tabled by Rebecca Evans AM, has attracted the support of half of all Welsh Assembly Members. Since October 2012, 31 Members have signed the Statement which reads:

This Assembly:
Joins the Food Standards Agency and animal welfare organisations in recognising the positive role that CCTV can play in protecting and monitoring animal welfare in slaughterhouses;
Notes that CCTV also provides other benefits, including acting as a security measure, acting as a tool for training for slaughter staff, vets and meat hygiene inspectors, and helping prevent workplace bullying;
Welcomes the high consumer confidence in our excellent Welsh produce, both at home and abroad; and
Believes that CCTV in slaughterhouses can play a role in safeguarding and further developing that confidence.

This widespread political support mirrors the mood of the general public. In November, a YouGov poll found that 78 per cent of Welsh respondents who expressed a view, said they wanted the government to make CCTV mandatory for all slaughterhouses.

Says Animal Aid Head of Campaigns, Kate Fowler:

‘Our undercover investigations into nine randomly chosen slaughterhouses found welfare breaches were both commonplace and serious. We saw animals kicked, beaten, punched, thrown, goaded and burned with cigarettes. We saw thousands of animals go to the knife having been stunned inadequately. The current regulatory approach doesn’t protect animals, but CCTV could help vets to detect these breaches. It could also help prosecute those who do break the law.

‘We welcome the broad support of the Assembly Members and are encouraged that the Welsh public has also spoken out loudly in favour of compulsory CCTV. We have faith that the Minister will listen to the arguments, recognise the strength of feeling at the Assembly and in the wider population, and take the appropriate action.’

Read the item at www.animalaid.org.uk/h/n/NEWS/news_slaughter//2812//

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