Canada: ‘Montreal animal advocates start strong on 2013’ – silent vigil for victims of fur industry

Posted on January 19, 2013


Today (19th January), a news item was posted on titled ‘Montreal animal advocates start strong on 2013 (photos)’.

‘… The fourth silent vigil organized by KARA took place on Jan 19, 2013 at Phillips Square, in Montreal. More than 25 activists showed up to honor the victims of the fur trade. KARA continues to gain popularity and they continue to support the silent vigils that are a Fur-bearer Defenders Campaign derived from the ‘Fur Trim Is A Trap’ initiative by the British Columbia based animal advocacy group …

The next event that will be coordinated by KARA will be involving Montreal with the National Anti-Fur Day campaign. KARA extends a cordial invitation to local activists to protest against the Canadian fur trade. The National Anti-Fur Day campaign was formed in February 1989 and it is the largest Canadian day of action for victims of the fur trade!

“Let us stand united against the Canadian Fur Trade and let’s remind the public not to buy any dead fur-based Valentine’s Day gifts! Let’s put the LOVE back into V- shopping and let’s indulge in vegan cakes and chocolates!” states KARA. Not only will they be promoting compassionate fashion but also a compassionate sweet way of enjoying Valentine’s Day.

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