industrial fishing destroys mackerel population in the North Atlantic: ‘a farce rapidly becoming a tragedy’

Posted on January 22, 2013


Today (22nd January), an item was posted on titled ‘Mackerel overfishing: greed is the problem’, written by celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

‘… The situation with mackerel stocks in the north east Atlantic is a farce rapidly becoming a tragedy. It’s one of the best examples of human greed in fishing on the planet. When we started the mac bap campaign two and a half years ago, mackerel was certified as sustainable and part of a well managed fishery. The supply was robust enough to support our campaign to get more mackerel on the menus of our restaurants and fish shops.

Now politics and greed are getting in the way of common sense. The feud over mackerel quotas between the EU and Norway on the one hand, and Iceland and the Faroes on the other, has hit stalemate. But if the countries involved could only agree sensible catch limits this could still be a certified sustainable fishery. The issue could be resolved at a stroke, and we could all go back to eating mackerel again with a clear conscience …’

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[Vegans say abandon the exploitation, abuse and slaughter of all animals – including marine animals (fish) – and abandon the production and consumption of all animal products.]


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