EU: CAP reform and animal welfare

Posted on January 25, 2013


Today (25th January), Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) posted an item on their web-site titled ‘CAP – Back from the brink?’.

‘… The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) provides billions of pounds of taxpayers money to farmers.

One of the stated aims of this massive investment is to provide consumers with quality food at fair prices. But Compassion’s research shows that over 80% of the animals raised in the EU each year are still factory farmed, in systems far removed from quality or fairness.

The current reform of CAP provides a real opportunity to move the EU towards more humane and sustainable farming. However, not only has this opportunity been missed, but the proposed reforms actually represent a significant step back for animal welfare.

Compassion put forward five specific changes to the proposed CAP reforms. In June 2012 we were delighted that two of these changes had been accepted as amendments, representing a huge step forward.

However, Compassion’s long experience of lobbying tells us that getting amendments proposed is only the first step in the long road to real change.

We are delighted that the two changes we have pushed for have survived this vital stage in the process.

Emma Slawinski, Compassion’s Head of Campaigns and Advocacy said: “Compassion has been campaigning hard to ensure these changes survived the vital Agricultural Committee vote.

“We will continue to work hard at each step of the process to challenge the dangerous step away from animal welfare that was in the original proposals.”

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