Nantwich Horse Slaughterhouse Protest: today, 2nd February

Posted on February 2, 2013


Today (2nd February), the Nantwich Horse Slaughterhouse Protest will be taking place at Nantwich in Cheshire, starting at 12 noon. The event is listed on the Veggies AR Calendar:

‘… A peaceful walk and demonstration at the Red Lion Abattoir on Saturday 2nd February.

This demonstration is in response to the traumatic undercover footage that Hillside Animal Sanctuary took during the eight weeks prior to Christmas. See also Animal Equality report, including Sky News video.

People will be making their way from all over the country, to meet at Nantwich Market Place, in Cheshire, at 12noon on Saturday and walk to the horse slaughterhouse to protest at the atrocious treatment they inflicted on the horses in the last hours of their life, including some of the 1000 horses cast off by the horse racing industry.

Daily Mail: Horrific cruelty at abattoir caught on film
Daily Mirror: Exposed: How terrified horses were beaten and abused by sick slaughtermen …’

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