‘Protesters deny whalers single kill’

Posted on February 3, 2013


Today (3rd February), a news item was posted on the web-site of The Sunday Times and also published in the newspaper titled ‘Protesters deny whalers single kill’.

‘… JAPAN’S whaling fleet has failed to kill a single whale as its annual hunt in the Antarctic Ocean has turned into a fast-paced duel with activists using sophisticated tactics, drones and a helicopter to harry the hunters.

“We are still pursuing the Japanese fleet and they haven’t killed any whales,” said Captain Paul Watson, founder of the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd, speaking by satellite phone from the area.

“This is the first January ever that a whale hasn’t been killed and we’re pretty happy about that.”

Sea Shepherd has sent four vessels into the icy waters in its most ambitious effort to stop the hunt, which it calls “operation zero tolerance”.

The Japanese fleet was yesterday scattered over hundreds of miles of ocean around Macquarie Island, an Australian possession about 900 miles southeast of Tasmania …’

Read the extract from the item at www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/world_news/Asia/article1206612.ece – unfortunately, to read the item in full, you must get the newspaper or subscribe to timesonline.

Please support Sea Shepherd and all their campaigns.


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