‘League Against Cruel Sports calls on MPs and Great British public to voice support for Hunting Act’

Posted on February 5, 2013


Today (5th February), the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) issued a media release which they also posted on their web-site titled ‘League Against Cruel Sports calls on MPs and Great British public to voice support for Hunting Act’.

‘… Tuesday 5th February 2013: Leading anti-hunting charity, the League Against Cruel Sports is today urging the Great British public and politicians alike to rally behind a bid to ensure wildlife currently protected under the Hunting Act 2004, including fox, hare, mink and deer, remain safe.

Joe Duckworth, Chief Executive of the League Against Cruel Sports says: “Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, is opening a new front in the war on wildlife. The Minister has announced they will be working hard behind the scenes to arm twist MPs to lift the ban on hunting fox, deer and hare before the next general election.

“We must not let the Environment Secretary’s Boxing Day statement fool us into thinking the future of the Hunting Act is safe; time is of the essence. With the Secretary of State openly voicing his determination to see a return of the barbaric blood sport, there is no room for complacency. We are therefore calling on the support of the public to make sure this does not happen.

“Mr Paterson has already declared war on badgers by going ahead with the cull. He has now declared war on foxes, hare and deer by announcing his intention to coerce MPs to vote for repeal of the Hunting Act.”

According to the League’s own research, the majority of MPs, 324, 2 do not want the Hunting Act to be repealed. Furthermore, recent Ipsos MORI polling conducted on behalf of the League, RSPCA and IFAW showed the vast majority of the Great British public also do not want to see the ban overturned.1

However, the charity is concerned that the Environment Secretary is going to be lobbying this majority hard in the coming months to pave the way for repeal of the Act.

“The Coalition Government’s insistence on holding a free vote on the hunting ban during the five-year Parliament reaffirms the lack of alignment between what the public want and what the Government is determined to do. We know that 76% of people and the majority of MPs, 324, are currently against repeal and we need to ensure that there views are respected and listened to in Parliament,” Joe Duckworth concludes.

Chris Williamson, Labour MP for Derby North, one of the leading MP advocates in favour of the Hunting Act has secured an adjournment debate in Parliament on Monday 11th February on policing violence at hunts, another negative impact associated with hunting …’

Read the media release at www.league.org.uk/news/1106/League-Against-Cruel-Sports-calls-on-MPs-and-Great-British-public-to-voice-support-for-Hunting-Act

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